PayPal is a global wallet for online payments. It has 173 million active customer accounts and is available in 203 markets and more than 100 currencies.  Registered / Non-registered members can use PayPal to buy from multiple merchants without hassels with more secure payment process.

Customers can enjoy PayPal Buyer Protection Policy.

Types of Problems Covered as below mentioned.

PayPal Buyer Protection helps you if you encounter either of these problems:

"Item Not Received" (INR):

You did not receive the item you paid for with PayPal; 

"Significantly Not as Described" (SNAD)

You received an item you paid for with PayPal but it is Significantly Not as Described (SNAD).

Here are some examples:

1) You received a completely different item.

2) The condition of the item was misrepresented. 

3) The description when you bought the item said “new” and the item was used.

4) The item was advertised as authentic but is not authentic.

5) The item is missing major parts or features which were not disclosed in its description when you bought the item.

6) You purchased three items from a Seller but only received two.

7) The item was materially damaged during shipment.

Eligibility Requirements.

To be eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection you must meet all of the following requirements: Your payment must be for an eligible item and made from your PayPal Account

Open a Dispute within 180 Days of the date you sent the payment – then follow the online dispute resolution process described below under "Dispute Resolution" You must respond to PayPal’s request for documentation and other information in a timely manner Have an Account in good standing You have not received a recovery related to such purchase from another source